Megazyme Megazyme International Ireland was founded in 1988 with the specific aim of developing, producing and supplying diagnostic test kits, enzymes and analytical reagents for the cereals and allied industries.  Megazyme is now established as a world leader in this field.

Megazyme is committed to the development of improved test kits and reagents for the food, feed, fermentation, wine and dairy industries. In 2005, the research facility was extended from 10,000 to 26,000 sq ft to accommodate a new molecular biology division. This initiative was undertaken to allow the company to produce a wide range of enzymes for research and for inclusion in new analytical test kits for the food and wine industries.

Megazyme is currently extending its research facility to accommodate larger fermentation capabilities and a new synthetic organic chemistry laboratory. A patent has been submitted for a new method for the measurement of cellulase, a key enzyme in biomass conversion to fermentable sugars.

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Acrus_logo The Acrus company was established more than 15 years ago, as the first warehouse of imported chemicals in Russia.

After 15 years of success we became one of the leading companies on Russian scientific market. Now we offer to our more than one thousand customers products from most significant chemical and biotechnology companies from all over the world. We are dealers of Thermo Fisher (Acros Organics, Fisher Chemicals, HyClone, Pierce, ABCR), Sigma-Aldrich, Cell Signaling Technology, Agilent (for chromatography products), Isolab, 5Prime, Prospec, Biodye and more than 20 other companies.

We can satisfy requests of all our clients, whether they are scientific institutions or technological companies, and can supply chemical compounds in bulk quantities.

Our office and warehouse are situated in the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Moscow.