Official Symposium Hotel


Korston Korston Club Hotel
pin Symposium Venue
men Single or double occupation

Hotel Sputnik will be under reconstruction since August 2015 and therefore is canceled.


Other hotels in nearby areas and city center

Public transportation to the Symposium Venue is necessary.

Prices are Euro 50-100 as of November 2014 (single or double occupation).
Prices are subject to change.

25-30 min to the Symposium Venue
Akademicheskaya Hotel
Universitetskaya Hotel
Lomonosov Hotel
35-40 min to the Symposium Venue
Yunost Hotel
Matreshka Hotel
Peking Hotel
40-45 min to the Symposium Venue
Hotel na Kuznetskom
Element Hotel
Bulvar Hotel
45-55 min to the Symposium Venue
Paradise Hotel at Novy Arbat
Hotel Astrus
Hotel Circus
Hotel Salut